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Are you ready to build a better business online?

Becoming a member of the Entrepreneur Success University gives you unlimited access to all of our courses, resources and monthly group coaching.  If you don't want to become a member, you can still purchase courses individually, however membership is the best option.  Our goal is help you to build a better business online, develop your mindset, and confidently transition into your role as a business owner. 

Business school taught me how to work for someone else...sadly it didn't teach me how to run my own business!

Unfortunately, most higher learning institutions still do not teach students how to become business owners.  As someone who has reviewed the transcripts of many students I find it heart breaking to see that colleges are still teaching young people how to work for someone else.  It's no wonder that most entrepreneurs struggle.  This stuff isn't taught in schools!

Since internet has come around there is one thing that is true for us all and that is that we all will have to learn something new.  Things are rapidly changing in this virtual and online environment.  And that's why you need a place like the Entrepreneur Success University to help you evolve in this new digital age.

I welcome you to either become a member or take a course and allow us to help you build a better business online.

Benefits of Becoming a Member

Take a course.

New courses will be added often.  Currently there are eight courses that you can enroll in and enjoy.  Courses will cover a variety of topics.  All of them will help you to build a better business online and also will help you step into your role as a new business owner.

Make new connections  and share what's new with you and your business.

So many people complain about the algorithms on other social media platforms and their inability to make true connections online.  Here you don't have to worry about that. Everyone that you connect with will be able to view your content.  There is nothing like the power of a private community to help you grow.

Customize  your profile and manage your connections

Take full control of your profile.  Here you can manage all of your connections, customize your timeline cover, send mail to other members, and more.  There is nothing like having full control of your account. 

Participate and create your own groups

As a part of the university you can participate in existing groups or create your own groups and invite your connections to participate.  Groups are a great way to connect with others and put your expertise on display.

Participate in the member directory

Update your profile to include your websites, email and any other pertinent contact information.  As we aggressively promote the University through advertising you will benefit from others finding your profile.  That's right, you can piggyback on all of our advertising activity to effectively increase your own visibility. 

Join our Zoom group  coaching calls

Get all of your questions answered or learn from the experts in our community. Either way you will benefit from participating in our monthly group coaching calls. 

Enroll in a course

These are courses that you need to instantly boost sales & increase your income

It's time to face the fact that we will be dealing with pandemics for a long time.  And while we are opening up and gathering again, the reality is that more of your business will happen online than offline, so you might as well let us help you step into the digital age and build a better business online.

Courses you will love!

“I've gone through two modules so far and I must say that the content is so rich.  You cover everything.  This course (Podcasting 101) definitely matches up with other premium courses out there.”

Adeola Adegbusi, Founder of  Social Media Bella

Pay as you Grow


Entrepreneur success university membership


Per month

Member Benefits

Access to all courses
Participate in "Course of the Month Club"
Member Directory Participation
Join and Create Groups
Monthly Group Coaching
Access to social community and platform

These customers can't be wrong

"Tech Teacher Toni"

"Toni has a way of breaking down technical concepts so the average person can understand, that's why I gave her the nickname of  Tech Teacher Toni"

Julia D Shaw

The Collaborative Experience Inc.

"My first coaching call with our group was wonderful.  I appreciated the way you took time with each of us to go through our goals and provide constructive feedback.  You challenged us to shift our mindset and to set financial goals because we are in business to make money.  This has me hyped and ready to do the work needed to grow personally and professionally!"

Olive Vega

JMJ Jewelry

"Thank you Toni for helping me to take my business from a dark place into the light. With your guidance I was able to get through the pandemic and now I am in a new salon and I love it!"

Renee Callendar

Renee's Hair Designs

My personal 30 day money-back guarantee

If after you have completed every course, passed every quiz and completed every exercise you feel like you haven't learned anything new, then we will gladly return your money.  However, please know that you can cancel at any time and have full control of your account.

You are only 3 steps from success

Hurry and take advantage of our Grand Opening Sale.  The offer is good until 10/15/21.


Enroll in a course or become a member and get instant access to the platform and your online learning.


You will be emailed your log in details right away. 


You will be immediately dropped into the course to get started. 

I used to struggle, but today I struggle no more...

My commitment to continuous learning and teaching others  is the number one reason why I am confident that I will never struggle again in life.  The universe is infinitely abundant and is waiting on you to take advantage of opportunities like the one that is being presenting to you today.  Decide today to commit to continuous learning and let's meet on the beaches of the world.

Toni Coleman Brown

Pay as you Grow


Entrepreneur success university membership


Per month

Member Benefits

Access to all courses
Participate in "Course of the Month Club"
Member Directory Participation
Join and Create Groups
Monthly Group Coaching
Access to social community and platform


Our most frequently asked questions

Can I enroll in multiple courses?

Absolutely.  You can enroll in multiple courses at once.

Do I have to follow a forced progression in each course?

Once you enroll in a course you can move around from lesson to lesson.  We want you to be free to learn how you like to learn.

How long does it take to complete a course?

Most courses take up to 2 hours or more to complete.  Some may take you longer because of the exercises, but you can feel free to go at your own pace.

Can I suggest a new course?

Yes you absolutely can. You can email us or post in the forum.

If I become a member can I cancel?

Yes. You can cancel at any time and you have full control of your account.

How do you host the monthly group coaching?

Monthly group coaching is conducted via Zoom.

If I have a course can I get it added to the University?

Yes. Members can submit courses for review to be added to the University.  You can get more details by contacting us via email at admin@entrepreneursuccessuniversity.com

Can I invite others to the University?

Yes.  We will be launching our affiliate program soon and you will be able to earn a percentage of their monthly membership fee. Stay tuned.

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