Entrepreneurs Lead more Effectively via Microlearning

Most entrepreneurs already have a lot on their plates. With running a business, managing their homes and everything else in between, many small business owners find it hard to level up their skills or work on personal growth and development, but with microlearning they can get it done in small consumable bites.

This lack of quality time to focus on learning something new, coupled with a general shift away from traditional learning modules such as day-long seminars, has paved the way for Microlearning. Today this is done via webinars, tele-seminars, mini-courses, podcasts and masterclasses. All of which is available in the Entrepreneur Success University.

But to learn more about what microlearning is and how it can help you to become a more effective leader, we have broken it down in this article. By the time you finish reading this piece, you will understand how to adopt microlearning into your busy entrepreneurial life.

What is Microlearning & why is it beneficial for entrepreneurs?

Microlearning is an accessible learning technique that teaches and delivers information in small, bite-sized chunks, often across many digital gadgets and platforms. You can see how this process is coming to life today in the form of TikTok videos, Instagram reels and now Youtube has even launched shorter videos that they simple call, “shorts.”

It has become increasingly clear that this form of short explainer videos have become the new way to teach and educate most audiences. So for the extremely busy entrepreneur, this is the perfect way to engage in timely knowledge and skills to find solutions to everyday problems.   

What are the benefits of Microlearning? And how it can help you as a entrepreneur.

Microlearning is:

  • Fast-paced and when you partake in it, the modules are generally short and sweet. 
  • Laser-focused: Because learning takes place in shorter blocks of time, Microlearning usually tackles a single problem or question and a single answer or solution.   
  • Deeply engaging: Since the topics are specific and meant to be consumed in a short amount of time, the content is usually exciting and makes an impact.

One of the biggest movers – and best examples –  of Microlearning is via Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to learn about a variety of different topics. They are usually short but highly creative audios and sometimes videos that many people have benefited from indulging in them worldwide.

What are the benefits of Microlearning?

1, Information is Easy to Retain

Since microlearning courses only focus on one piece of information and come in many fun and unique formats, learners will remember – and happily understand – faster.

2. Higher rate of engagement

Standard or traditional learning methods usually take 30 minutes or longer, which can cause learners to lose interest or zone out. Microlearning sessions are shorter, so you’re forced to pay attention. The fun formats are also so much more interesting than traditional lectures. 

3. Learn what you need – when and where you need it

Microlearning enables entrepreneurs to learn about the skills and topics they need when they need it most. And because it is tech-oriented as well, you get easy access to the lessons wherever you are. 

Is Microlearning something that interests you?

Chances are you’ve already been exposed to various forms of Microlearning but didn’t know it. Discover more about Microlearning and how it can positively affect your personal development by joining Entrepreneur Success University. Not only is it a group of founders like you, but it is also a group of learners intent on gaining more skills to ensure the success of their businesses. Also, make sure to subscribe to the ESU Podcast to stay engaged in micro content designed to give you what you need to succeed in business.

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