The Zoom Background Blur: The Online Meeting Lifesaver For Busy Entrepreneurs

Many busy entrepreneurs can get extremely busy that sometimes – let’s get real here – cleaning up gets pushed down the to-do list a bit. 

No judgement here – we get it, and it happens.  

However, this might prove to be a challenge when you have to turn your camera on at your next Zoom meet. 

So we’re here to share a simple trick that can help you focus on what’s in front of you during online meetings without stressing out about what’s behind you.

Online Meetings For Busy Entrepreneurs

Running a business can be challenging with the home to think about on top of everything else.  Many of us find our homes to be less than perfect or “messy” at times, despite our best efforts, since we are focused on getting the work done. Even if not running a business, cleaning up gets swallowed by all the other family activities for some of us. 

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, online meetings are now the norm instead of face-to-face meetings, either via Zoom; Google meets, and more. We have all had to quickly adjust to the challenges of maintaining professionalism while working from home. 

This includes working from a clutter-free, organized space, especially when meeting with your clients, shareholders and even suppliers. 

The Mad Dash For A Clutter-Free Background

In reality, however, there will be times when you find yourself scrambling right before a scheduled meet, frantically throwing whatever mess you have laying about your home behind the camera and out of everyone’s line of sight. 

Sound familiar? 

If you do this, share a quick laugh with us and don’t worry! You’re not alone, which is why this new Zoom feature is so helpful!

Zoom Background Blurs for busy entrepreneurs

Protect your privacy and hide a less than perfect room in your next video conferencing call by blurring out your background while on a Zoom call. Yup, gone are the days of constantly worrying about what’s behind you. 

Piles of unfolded laundry? The puppy’s training cage? Books meant to be donated? 

Whatever it is, no need to worry about what’s over your shoulder.  Now you can turn on the settings and focus on what happens in front of you.

This new Zoom feature is another one of their innovations, similar to the virtual backgrounds they introduced last year. The background blur is a more subdued version of the virtual background and less distracting so that you can dive straight into your video call’s agenda. It is effortless to activate, and you can check out instructions here

Online Networking Calls For busy entrepreneurs

The value of online video conference calls goes beyond staying safe during a pandemic. It also opens opportunities to reach out to other female entrepreneurs like you. I invite you to join the Entrepreneur Success University. You’ll have access to courses and tools and a community where you can exchange best practices to grow your business successfully. 

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